Copy of Sustainable business

 The core of our business is run on a sustainable and ethical model, we are committed to do our part in minimizing any negative impacts to the planet.  For us it all starts from the materials we source, to the manufacturing and packaging to produce pet products that are Earth friendly, safe and durable.


The Bamboo webbing  is manufactured according to our specifications with a high tensile strength for durability and safety. 

Bamboo is 100% organic and natural, known as the "world's most renewable material" and it is the fastest growing plant in the world, can even grow 4 feet in one day.  It absorbs five times more carbon dioxide and produces 35% more oxygen than similar group of plants.   Also it requires no pesticides and very little water.  When harvested it is self regenerating and no toxic chemicals are used to process the fibers, so the impact to the environment and ecosystem is minimal.

Other attributes and benefits of bamboo:

    • Soft to the touch
    • High tensile strength
    • Hypo-alergenic
    • Antibacterial
    • Mildew and odor resistant
    • Washable  & fast drying

Aluminum   The swivel carabiner is made from aviation grade aluminum which is one of the most ecofriendly metals due to it’s recyclability.  The aluminum is anodized which is also of the more environmentally friendly metal finishing processes.  Even if they may seem light in weight they are very strong, the carabiner pull strength is 4kn (over 800lbs).  These carabiners do not contain nickel or lead.  

Other attributes and benefits of aluminum carabiner:

    • Lightweight and versatile size for all-around use
    • Does not freeze up in alpine conditions
    • Rust and corrosion resistant
    • Super strong 4kn pull strength over 800lbs
    • Built-in swivel

 Waste Bags, aka poop bags, are made from a blend of vegetable based cornstarch and PBAT.    Bags are 100% PLASTIC FREE  and free of toxins that may be harmful to the environment even the ink is water based and soluble. The core in which the bags rolled into  is made from recycled paper, not plastic tubing.

Certified  "OK Compost Home & Seedling under European standard  TUV Austria", bags are biodegradable in 90-180 days.  Dog poop is to be dispose according to local regulations and it is not to be used for compost.  Rest assure that these bags are Earth-friendly and will not release toxins into the soil.


We source our manufacturers and verify they are in compliance with sustainable production standards, as well as in compliance with human rights employment regulations.


We take great care in  all our packaging that it is made from recycled paper and cardboard, some items are packaged in 100% cotton bags.  We do not use plastic in any of our packaging.