We are committed to the environment and our community

proud to be a Certified California Green Business

Making an impact together

the project became our mission

Wanting the best for our pet has lead us to design and produce eco-friendly  products, this driver brought us to run our business on a sustainable and ethical model.

We are committed to develop and produce earth friendly products that are durable, functional, safe for pets and our environment. Our pledge is not only to focused on minimizing any negative impacts to the environment but to actually make a positive impact.

Why? Because we care about pets, our community and our planet, and believe no effort is too small in making a difference.

Pets make our world better with their unconditional love, now is the time for us to give some love back by making the right choices to protect and restore our planet.

Thank you for your support!

LixPets founder

To help us with our mission, we’ve partnered with:

One Tree Planted

We’ve partnered with One Tree Planted to plant a tree with every LIX sale. Not only are you helping reduce your pets carbon paw print with our sustainable pet products, you are also contributing to the positive impact of planting a tree. Help us reach our goal of planting ONE MILLION TREES, one tree at a time.
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