Dog Shampoo Bar

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A balanced blend of organic oils formulated to clean, nourish and condition your pets skin and coat, without disrupting their delicate pH levels.  Great for sensitive skins, provides a rich and creamy lather and after a good rinse it will leave your pets fur soft and shiny.

Our handmade shampoo bars use natural organic oils, they do not contain phosphates or harmful toxins for your pet or the environment. We only use sustainable ingredients (no Palm Oil) and sustainable packaging, no plastic containers!   

Available in three sizes, the 5.4 oz shampoo bar comes with a rope, made of 100% cotton for easy hold, the 2.5 oz and the 1.2 oz are an ideal travel size or for smaller dogs, all will go a long ways.   Prolong your shampoo bars life by keeping it dry between uses.   

INGREDIENTS: coconut oil, olive oil, shea butter, sweet almond oil, castor oil, apricot kernel oil,  jojoba oil, cocoa butter, neem oil, sodium hydroxide (lye - for oil saponification) and oatmeal.

All oils and butters have been carefully selected for their high moisturizing absorption to provide nourishment and for their cleansing, anti-oxidant and conditioning properties.

Unscented for the sensitive nose of dogs and humans, slightly scented for a relaxing spa treatment with an essential oil blend of: eucalyptus, lavender and lemon grass.

Did you know?

Neem oil is a natural insect repellant.
Oatmeal sooths and relieves itchy skin.





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